Complex road machines

Details of complex road machines

Combined machines are manufactured with equipment for supporting and maintenance of the roadway all year round. They strew with anti-ice reagents on the roadway and remove snow cover while winter season long. In summer time they clean the road with water and brush.

technical characteristics of the complex road machines

Indicator name Indicator value
Water tank capacity 4-12 m.cub
Washing zone width 10 m
watering zone width 20 м
sand container capacity 3-8 m.cub
sand strew zone width 12 m
snow cleaning blade width 2,6-3 m
sweeping brush width, m not less 2,5 m
Requirements for the car chassis
gross vehicle weight at least 8,7 t.
Axles 4х2, 4х4, 6х2, 6х4, 6х6
Mounting frame length not less 4950 mm
Engine power not less 130 HP

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