Sand spreading machines

Details of sand spreading machines

Sand spreading machines are intended for introduction of inert materials and anti-icing reagents in order to ensure the quality of the roadway (asphalt concrete, cement and other solid road coverings). The equipment can be mounted directly on the chassis and in the body of the dumper in order to universally use the car.

In addition, the car can be installed:

technical characteristics of the sand spreading machines

Indicator name Indicator value
Sand container capacity 3-9 m.cub
Maximum working area width 12 м
Average density of spreading 0,4 kg/m2
drive type hydraulic
Oil cooling radiator in the hydrosystem +
The supply of anti-icing material is carried out by a two-circuit transporter +
Requirements for the car chassis
gross vehicle weight at least 10 t.
Axles 4х2, 4х4, 6х2, 6х4, 6х6
Mounting frame length not less 4950 mm
Engine power not less 130 HP

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