Vacuum sludge absorb vehicle

Details of vacuum sludge absorb vehicle

Vacuum sludge absorb vehicles are designed for pneumatically cleaning of sump, cesspools, septic tanks, sewages and latrines from liquid waste and sludge with subsequent transportation and unloading at places of utilization.
The vehicle consist of a truck chassis that is equipped with specialized equipment.
The rise of the rear hatch and the tank in general is carried out by means of hydraulics, and the upper rotary arrow facilitates the work in difficult-to-reach places with the ability to run with a remote control.

technical characteristics of the vacuum sludge absorb vehicle

Indicator name Indicator value
Water tank capacity 3,7-12 m.cub
Performance of the vacuum pump not less 360 m.cub/h
Largest amount of rarefaction created by the vacuum pump not less 0,085 MPa
Maximum suction depth not less 4,5 m
lifting angle of the tank not less 60 deg.
Filling speed of the tank 5-11 min.
Speed of drainage of the tank by gravity not less 35 m.cub/hour
Requirements for the car chassis
Gross vehicle weight at least 10 t.
Axles 4х2, 4х4, 6х2, 6х4, 6х6
Mounting frame length not less 3300 mm
Engine power not less 165 HP

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